We Offer Commercial & Residential Services

We can Help to Revamp Your Commercial Properties. From Your Shopping Center, Gas Station, Condominiums to your Rental Properties & HOA.

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Yard Maintenance

No matter how big or small your yard is. GGS is here to make sure your lawn looks lush and healthy all year long.

We want to protect the image of your home and be your one-stop maintenance company.

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General Clean UP

The weather that we get in the Puget Sound creates literally "Jungles".This crazy flora gets out of control breaking the balance in your yard.

Let us bring your property back to life with a General Clean Up Service. This will center your landscape and create great healthy looking spaces.

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Beautifying Services

At GGS we offer great Beautifying Services. Are you selling your home?...or maybe preparing for a Baby Shower?..Let GGS take care of you with a Beautifying Service. New mulch, bark, etc. From Light colors to darker ones. We have the texture and the right tones for you. We can replace plants and create a new garden.

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Since 1993

For Sale Property Preparation

Are you a realtor? do you need help preparing your home for sale?

We understand the demands of the market and the time-sensitive matters when it comes to listing your property for sale.

At GGS we want to become a partner in your mission and a team member for your visions to come.

We do General Clean Up and Cosmetic Priority Services that concentrate and focus in the most important portion of the property's landscape that is needed to put the home in the market.

  • We Remove
  • We Haul
  • We Beautify

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